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MTD FTTx Specialist

What is FTTx? FTTx is the abbreviation for Fibre To The X, where the X changes depending on where the fibre will be connected to, for example, (FTTh) fibre to the home or (FTTc) fibre to the cabinet. Fibre is a form of telecommunications network architecture that connects the internet service providers (ISPs) to the…

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Benefits of Overhead Fibre

The Benefits of Overhead Fibre: In today’s blog, MTD Civils and Network Planning will be discussing what is overhead fibre and the benefits of overhead fibre for the community, municipalities and residents in general. First, what is Overhead Fibre? Overhead fibre is the process of attaching fibre optic cables to existing poles in the community…

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What is an ISP

What is an ISP? ISP’s – the creators of Connectivity There has never been a higher demand for uninterrupted internet connectivity than today, especially during these complex times of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses, friends and families, as well as students all over the world, are using the internet to stay connected. Internet connectivity has become…

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MTD Civils and Network Planning aims to Uplift the Community

MTD Civils and Network Planning aims to Uplift the Community MTD Civils and Network Planning is a fibre network civils, maintenance and installation company that aims to uplift the communities in which they install trenched and overhead fibre networks. Through various upliftment initiatives they are able to provide jobs, internet access and mentorships to the…

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MTD Civils and Network Planning looks back at 2021

MTD Civils and Network Planning reviews 2021 As we all know 2021 was a year of difficulties that required adaptability and flexibility from all industries to remain productive. In this interview with the CEO of MTD Civils and Network Planning, Quintin Groenewald, we discuss the challenges and achievements the company faced in 2021; Interview with…

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