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About the Digital Council Africa

The Digital Council embraces the extraordinary possibilities that the digital era has for Africa. We believe that the digital economy will enhance the quality of life for African citizens, and allow Africa to remain competitive in the global market. It is imperative that African countries define their digital strategies to safeguard their future status. The exponential rate at which technology is developing, mutating, and adapting is so fast that we have to apply certain effort to keep pace with technological change and how it will affect our businesses and lives.

Established in 2010 under the banner of the FTTx Council Africa, the Digital Council is an independent, not for profit organisation that seeks dialogue with all stakeholders to discuss how to maximise the societal benefits of digital and data-driven technologies to increase equality and inclusivity, wellbeing and digital adoption.


The Digital Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of digital access will enhance the quality of life for citizens in South Africa and Africa as a whole, providing African countries with a digital footprint which will increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace. The council’s charter is to educate Africa governments, policy makers and political leaders on technology and data issues facing the continent. Further, we seek to develop methods as to how digital connectivity and services can be delivered to citizens within the coming years. Through consultation with all major stakeholders and understanding their strategies and concerns, we endeavour to be the voice of the industry and to help create a better future for all involved..

What is Fibre

Fibre is the nickname commonly used for Fibre Optic internet. Fibre Optic Internet is a broadband connection that is transmitted through Fibre Optic cables, this type of internet can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Fibre Optic cables are used because they are stronger and more weather resistant than traditional cables. This means that there are fewer interruptions to your high-speed internet.

What is Fibre Overhead Network?

An overhead fibre solution is a fibre optic internet solution that is installed along poles above the ground. This type of fibre network is built by stringing and securing fibre optic cables from poles – either new poles which we would install or we would use existing municipality infrastructure such as telecommunications poles that are already installed. From these poles, fibre could then be installed into the nearby residences. 

Fibre Overhead Network Deployment?

Once the overhead fibre network is completed then deployment can begin. Fibre deployment is when a fibre optic cable is connected from the overhead fibre network and run along perimeter walls or fences in order to be installed into the subscriber’s home. FTTH (fibre to the home) has the goal of empowering South Africans to reach their full digital potential and help develop the digital economy. 

What are the benefits of Fibre?

  • Weather Resistant
  • High – Speed Internet
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Stay Connected with Family
  • Productive Home Offices and Studies