Our Build and Transfer

We offer a tried and tested build and transfer model within the FIBRE NETWORK INDUSTRY


  • Wayleaves Acquisition
  • Network planning in accordance with client specifications
  • Project Management – Inside and Outside Plant (PMO)
  • SMME’s and CPF Collaboration
  • As-Build Documentation


  • Material Management
  • Trenched Fibre Civils Work
  • Overhead Fibre Civils Work
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sign-Off Process
  • Maintenance


  • Network Configuration
  • P.O.P. (Point of Presence) Configuration
  • Home/Business Installations
  • Network Monitoring
  • Ongoing Fibre Works


  • Design Network
  • Network distribution
  • MDU fibre access builds
  • Home installations


  • Design Network
  • Fibre distribution
  • Office Park Reticulation
  • Access Build


  • Environmental maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Break-fix maintenance
  • Fault investigation

Build and Transfer

Build and transfer has become a very common phrase in the fibre industry. The common practice is for a company like MTD to take on the risk of material, site surveys, wayleaves ect. The idea behind being to then build a working fibre network and sell the network to a bigger licensed FNO who would take over ownership of the network.

What we do for you in a build and transfer.

Before the building of the fibre network can start companies like ourselves need to engage with local authorities for the required permissions to build in the area, permissions in the form of Wayleaves. This is an extremely time-consuming process and during this process, all planning, BOQ and splicing diagrams need to be done with no guarantee that the wayleaves will be issued. Material is the biggest risk for most companies and a build and transfer model eliminates the risk for the end buyer or the FNO (fibre network operator) who will own the network once complete. While wayleaves etc are being awarded we need to focus on Community engagements as this is an essential factor in the success of the building phase. Local SMME’s work allocations can also prove to be very difficult and time-consuming if undertaken incorrectly. Once all of the above is in place, the ground can be broken. Any network regardless of the method being used takes time and will be uncomfortable for the residents, however, this is a short-term problem that can be managed and dealt with very effectively when handled by the right teams.

On Transfer

The transfer part of the process can be dealt with very swiftly and easily if all the negotiations that were done prior to the build starting are adhered to and the civils team and FNO work well together. So far we have been extremely blessed with amazing clients and the build and transfer process has worked well. However, if you are not using a reputable company or your negotiations are not upheld a transfer process can get very complicated and it is an expensive exercise to start operating or just holding on to the now completed network for the time needed to find a new buyer. We as MTD pride ourselves on our work and once the transfer is complete we maintain the network in a way that will take some of the pressure off our clients for a short period of time.


Why we love the build and transfer model.

MTD Civils and Network Planning are bringing fibre to communities that don’t have it yet and this is an amazing thing to us as we are involved in giving people access to a world of info, entertainment and new business opportunities. We know that previously these opportunities and entertainment streams were not present in many homes in an efficient or cost-effective way and these things are now at the tip of their fingers, things that were not there or anywhere close to as efficient as fibre, providing this is quite the experience. However this is not the only focus, we at MTD also love empowering local SMMEs, we understand that fibre will never be their core business however we do believe that the skills we leave are very good to have and provide a hard push to start the core business.


Workmanship Guarantee

MTD Civils and Network Planning guarantee workmanship on a project for 1 year from the date of completion. As an example, should a driveway sag 9 months after the handover date of the project, we would endeavour to repair the driveway to its original state or better.