Fibre Optic Splicing

Fibre Splicing SPECIALISTS 


Fibre Optic Splicing is the process of joining two or more fibres together and is utilized during fibre cable termination. The two fibres are welded together to fuse the individual fibres into one to meet the required length the cable needs to be. MTD Civils and Network Planning normally splice cables after the network has been built (civils work) and before fibre installations beginning in subscribers’ homes.

The Phases of Fibre Optic Splicing.

  1. Preparation of the Cables
    • For the cables to be spliced, they need to be properly prepared and thoroughly cleaned.
    • The protective coatings on the cables are removed as well as all the jackets and tubes.
    • During all of the removals, the fibres need to be kept clean in order to be fused and are cleaved. 
  2. Fusion of the Cables and Installation:
    • Once the fibres are clean and easy to access our team begins termination of the cables.
    • MTD makes use of Arc Fusion to weld the cables together and thus make two cables into one.
    • After fusion, the cables are protected again by a splice protector which was put over the fibre before splicing.
    • Once the splicing is complete the fused fibres are clipped into a splice tray inside a dome joint for protection. 
    • These cables are also used in the deployment of fibre into subscriber’s homes.
    • Once it is installed quality control checks are conducted to ensure the installation was done correctly and is visually appealing. 

Arc Fusion Specialists

MTD Civils and Network Planning have a group of Arc Fusion Specialists that have over 10 years of experience in splicing. Our teams make use of the Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicers because Fujikura is known as the leading manufacturer in the industry. Therefore we purchase our equipment from them, in order to be the best in the industry you need the best equipment. We use arc fusion technology because it does not add a join between two cables but instead fuses the two cables together using an electric arc, which reduces issues within the network and leaves you with a solid cable.  

Why Choose MTD Civils and Network Planning for your Splicing needs

Installation and fibre deployment

Our dedicated team of installers has over 15 years of experience in installation and fibre deployment. In the fibre industry, there are no degrees or qualifications to understand how it is done, you simply have to learn how it is done, making experience the key to success. We are also known for the speed at which we successfully splice and instal cables, bringing you fibre more efficiently than any other installation team. MTD Civils and Network Planning make use of the latest and best technology in the industry, such as arc fusion, in order to remain at the top of the industry.