Overhead Fibre

Shaping your NETWORK


Overhead fibre is internet that is accessed through the attaching fibre optic cables to existing poles in the community such as electricity poles or installing new poles to hang the cables across. Fibre optic cables carry light signals which transmit digital binary signals at very high speeds of roughly 1Gbps.

We offer an overhead fibre solution using existing or new telecommunications poles because of the following reasons


It is much quicker to install overhead fibre than to install trenched fibre optic cables. Meaning you get fibre into your homes quicker and have access to high-speed internet faster.


With the cables being above ground there are fewer cut cables due to burst water pipes or maintenance work on underground pipelines. Overhead cables are built to withstand extreme weather as well.


Overhead fibre optic cables are more cost-effective than traditional trenching installations as labour and machinery costs are halved.

Community Impact

MTD Civils and Network Planning prides itself on the level of community engagement in all our projects. This includes all the fibre networks under MTD Civils for maintenance. Our aim is always to educate the public and encourage them to communicate with our teams ensuring fast response to all maintenance issues. We understand the importance of having a healthy fibre network.

Overhead Fibre vs Trenched Fibre Installation

Why chose Overhead Fibre Networks

An overhead fibre solution is a fibre optic internet solution that is installed above the ground. This type of fibre network is built by stringing and securing fibre optic cables from poles – either new poles which we would install or we would use existing municipality infrastructure such as existing light or electricity poles that are already installed. From these poles, fibre could then be installed into the nearby residences.

Overhead Fibre Networks

Reactive maintenance could be any issue the team would need to respond too. This could call for a huge break and would need a team to rectify. MTD has an in house civil team equipped to rectify an aerial network issue including planting poles, stringing fibre, trenching and reinstating any surface including tar.

Reactive maintenance requires the reaction team to be ready for any situation this includes holding material required to rectify the issue. MTD will have every core fibre, every size dome joint, dead ends hooks and poles in stock at all times.

Overhead Fibre Network Planning

Planning your Network

We aim to ensure that the environment is not damaged nor does the network get damaged by the environment. Environmental maintenance is very important to ensure that the network and the environmental impact is managed on a regular basis.

Regular environmental maintenance means overgrown trees surrounding cables are trimmed back, and slack bins are checked as birds commonly try nesting here. We aim to have the nest relocated before it is completed.

Beehives have to be spotted and removed before they are formed, if not professionals need to be called in to relocate the bees.

By having a permanent team on-site monitoring our networks the best maintenance service possible can be offered to our clients.