Benefits of Overhead Fibre

June 14, 2023

The Benefits of Overhead Fibre:

In today’s blog, MTD Civils and Network Planning will be discussing what is overhead fibre and the benefits of overhead fibre for the community, municipalities and residents in general. 


First, what is Overhead Fibre?


Overhead fibre is the process of attaching fibre optic cables to existing poles in the community such as electricity poles or installing new poles to hang the cables across. Fibre optic cables carry light signals which transmit digital binary signals at very high speeds of roughly 1Gbps. Fibre optic cables have beaten out the old traditional copper cables previously used and are fast becoming the industry favourite. 


How does Overhead Fibre benefit communities?


Firstly the construction of the overhead fibre networks itself requires a lot of labour and supervision. Companies such as MTD Civils and Network Planning will hire the local youths and unemployed as their labourers, providing more jobs within the community. With more jobs being provided in the community, more money will flow within the community and boost the local economy. 


Mentorship programmes are also common within the smaller communities as larger companies lend their experience to smaller ones to aid them in their growth. By teaming up with local SMME’s and giving them the knowledge required to expand, larger companies aid in community development. During the construction phase, mentors will select a few promising individuals and train them to be site managers. After construction is complete these site managers will be permanently hired to maintain the network and spread their knowledge to others while gaining experience. 


Once fibre installation into the community is complete fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) can begin. This means that businesses and homeowners can sign up with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to access the internet. Having access to the internet has numerous benefits for both businesses and individuals alike. Here are some benefits of having internet access:


  1. More study resources.
  2. Unlimited entertainment options.
  3. Stay up to date with the latest news.
  4. Faster, more reliable communication.
  5. Numerous work-from-home options. 
  6. Obtain degrees and certifications online.
  7. Digital Marketing and Online Advertising.
  8. Unlimited resources available, learn anything online.


When fibre is being installed into an area it will also be installed into local schools, this means children can access online resources and study materials. Children in rural areas will now have the same opportunities and resources as those in a city or urban area. Children can learn all about the internet and the latest technologies, which is vital in the current world we live in. Having internet access is a must for staying informed and connected with the rest of society. MTD Civils and Network Planning have a school initiative where all schools within the area they instal fibre will have fibre installed into the main IT server room within the school, from there the IT department can distribute the internet to each classroom. Providing teachers and students unlimited learning opportunities. 


How does Overhead Fibre benefit Municipalities?


Municipalities will benefit greatly from their communities being uplifted, more jobs being created and more money coming into the local economy. MTD Civils and Network Planning also provides the municipality with smart camera systems in high-risk areas that need extra security such as substations and connect the streaming feed to the local police as well as the community policing forum. Increasing safety in those areas. 


With fibre optic cables bringing in faster internet the municipalities GIS systems will need to be upgraded to keep up with the internet, this upgrade is provided for the municipalities by MTD Civils and Network Planning free of charge. Municipalities also receive a once-off service fee for every municipality pole used during overhead fibre installation. Our network is also open-access meaning approximately 20 ISP’s can use it, therefore once the fibre is installed it never has to be installed again in the area. 


The municipalities do not have to pay anything for the construction of the overhead fibre network and in some cases are paid for the usage of their poles. Why do we do this? Because we believe in community upliftment, by covering all the expenses ourselves the community only has to pay for their service providers to connect them, nothing else! The local’s lives will improve greatly for a small cost and the community as a whole will have a better quality of life. Which is what MTD Civils and Network Planning aim for.


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