What is an ISP

June 14, 2023

What is an ISP?

ISP’s – the creators of Connectivity


There has never been a higher demand for uninterrupted internet connectivity than today, especially during these complex times of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses, friends and families, as well as students all over the world, are using the internet to stay connected. 


Internet connectivity has become a necessity for effective communication. Without it, staying connected to the people in your lives is next to impossible, this is where ISPs come into the limelight but, what exactly is an ISP and what do they do? 


What is an ISP?


ISP is the abbreviation for Internet Service Provider, ISPs manage the network infrastructure which makes accessing the internet possible and ensures you can connect to the internet from wherever you are. MTD Networks, Mweb, AfriHost and Vodacom are some examples of ISPs in South Africa, they are responsible for connecting your devices to the internet. This can be through wireless means such as WiFi and data or it can be through cables such as dial-up and broadband connections. Although ISPs manage the network infrastructure and how you as the customer interact with the network they do not install the infrastructure themselves, this is the role of FNOs.


What is an FNO?


FNO is short for Fibre Network Operator, MTD Civils and Network Planning does the civils work for an FNO. They are responsible for building the infrastructure your internet connectivity relies on. FNOs are responsible for the physical fiber cables and equipment in your area (right up into your house) to which the ISPs connect their networks. Fibre Network Operators charge installation fees which are paid by the ISPs when they purchase the rights to use the infrastructure. You as the customer or homeowner do not pay the FNO for your installation, you only pay your ISP for your internet connection. 


ISPs and MNOs, what’s the connection?


Ever heard the abbreviation MNO and wondered what it is? Well, wonder no more! MNO stands for the mobile network operator, they are responsible for keeping your mobile device connected when you are on the move! Examples of these include Telekom, MTN, CellC etc. 


ISPs work with MNOs and sell their products on their behalf. ISPs will deal with all the paperwork, RICA and even order your SIM card for you. But why? With the increase in demand for seamless connectivity in homes and businesses, many buildings now provide WiFi or wireless connections to their occupants. With wireless connections readily available data and airtime usage has dramatically decreased, to stay up to date with the latest demands many MNOs have partnered with ISPs to provide their customers with other internet services. 


Why is Connectivity so important?


Having internet connectivity means having efficient communication, and without communication, no business or relationship can be maintained. Even before the pandemic internet connectivity had become more of a utility than a luxury, the pandemic just further sped up the importance of the internet. Isolating and lockdowns became the norm for many countries as they tried to battle the increasing spread of the coronavirus. This brought online communication and working from home to the forefront of business discussion boards worldwide.  


In the last year or so we have seen a dramatic change in the expectations of business employees, gone are the traditional expectations of working 9 to 5 in the office. Now CEOs are looking at home offices and flexible working hours as the new norm, all of this would not be possible if it weren’t for the development of high-speed internet and connectivity. It is not just businesses that have undergone dramatic changes, educational facilities have also had to adapt quickly to stay functional during the pandemic. Highlighting the importance of having education easily accessible online, online classes, tutors and universities have seen the largest growth in their industries thanks to the pandemic. 


Who is MTD Civils and Network Planning?


MTD Civils and Network Planning is an Fttx specialist that builds and maintains the infrastructure needed to get you connected to the internet. We are based in South Africa and have been building fibre infrastructure throughout the country for over 10 years. If your area has yet to begin fibre construction contact us at: https://mtdcivils.com/contact-us/ and we will look into the feasibility of bringing fibre into your area.

If you have fibre infrastructure installed in your area but are unsure how to get connected to the internet then contact our sister company MTD Networks. MTD Networks is an ISP that works in tandem with FNO’s and can assist you with the entire sign-up process on our available networks. Visit our website to order your connectivity today: https://mtdnetworks.co.za/online-application/


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