MTD Civils and Network Planning aims to Uplift the Community

June 14, 2023

MTD Civils and Network Planning aims to Uplift the Community


MTD Civils and Network Planning is a fibre network civils, maintenance and installation company that aims to uplift the communities in which they install trenched and overhead fibre networks. Through various upliftment initiatives they are able to provide jobs, internet access and mentorships to the communities they build in. 


Their main aim is to provide the community and its municipalities with a high quality service while sharing their skills and knowledge with the community. MTD Civils and Network Planning believes in working with communities in order to improve their economies and provide them with the necessary tools to improve their quality of life.  


Who is MTD Civils and Network Planning?


MTD Civils and Network Planning is an FTTx (fibre to the) specialists, they build, maintain and sell trenched and overhead fibre networks. This allows ISPs (internet service providers) to bring high-speed internet into your home or office. 


MTD Civils and Network Planning has over 45 years of combined experience within its team, this experience means the construction team is able to fully develop fibre networks with minimal disruptions to the community. With our primary goal being to help the community develop, every project we undertake has the community at the foreground of our planning. 


Our community upliftment initiative includes:


Mentorship Programmes


MTD Civils and Network planning works hand in hand with local SMME’s (small, medium and micro enterprises) to create mentorship programmes. Local SMME’s provide promising youths to be hired by MTD during the installation process to observe and learn the necessary skills to maintain the network once the construction is complete. 

Once a youth is capable of running the site and ensuring the network is well maintained MTD leave them in charge of the site. In this way community members are employed to monitor the networks and earn an income as a site manager, thus improving their quality of life.


Women Empowerment


We at MTD Civils and Network Planning believe in empowering the previously disadvantaged. MTD has had the privilege of working with some local SMME’s that are women-owned but still had all the correct documents in place, these local SMME’s have been a part of the mentorship programme we offer. We provide the necessary skills, tools and capital required for the project but use local SMME’s to run the project. Through this programme local SMME’s are able to benefit and learn from the construction of fibre without having to pay the upfront costs to get it started. 


Connecting Schools


As part of our goal to uplift the community and help schools in the area’s we bring fibre to we assist the schools with free fibre. We install all of the necessary equipment needed by schools to connect to an ISP and generate WiFi throughout the school. This allows schools to have high-speed internet access, giving both students and teachers numerous resources found online that can help them achieve their goals. 


Job Creation 


Through the mentorship programme and working with local SMME’s to provide labourers MTD Civils and Network Planning is able to create hundreds of jobs for community members. Providing community members not only helps boost the local economy but it also provides employment opportunities that are not easily available in our country. On average MTD creates approximately 120 temporary jobs for each municipality it builds in. 


In summary MTD Civils and Network Planning aims to uplift the communities it works with while providing high-quality fibre networks that are easy to use for ISPs. We hope to share the wealth that is currently being generated from the high demand of internet access and provide communities the opportunity to improve their economy for the better. To find out where we are currently building or to show interest in us coming to your area to build a fibre network please visit our website: 


I would say we have had the privilege to work with some great small businesses owners that were women owned but still had all the correct documents in place and  could for part of our mentoring programme 


Schools in our our network build gets their fibre line for free

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