Trenched Fibre Optic Solutions

Trenched Fibre Network

A trenched fibre solution is a fibre optic internet solution that is installed underground . This type of fibre network is built by digging up the sidewalk, driveways and curbs in an area and laying fibre optic cables in the ducts created by our team. Once the cables have been installed and tested the area is reinstated to its previous condition and fibre can now be installed into the homes nearby.

Wayleaves Acquisition

  • Network planning in accordance with client specifications
  • Project Management – Inside and Outside Plant (PMO)
  • SMME’S and CPF Collaboration
  • As-Build Documentation


Civils Works

  • Route trenching (Soil, tar, paving etc.)
  • Reinstatement (Grass, paving, tar, concrete)
  • Handhole installations
  • Bedding, padding and backfilling of trenches

Fibre Works

  • Floating of fibre/hauling
  • Splicing fibres
  • Testing fibres
  • DIT (Duct integrity testing)
  • Access Site Builds

Trenching Service

The Construction Process:

Before any trenching can begin research first has to be conducted on the route needing to be trenched. Water pipes, sewage lines and other facilities could already run there. However, records for these are not always available; it is still necessary to check before digging can begin.

Once the safest and most efficient route has been determined then digging can begin.

After the ducts have been laid into the trench they will be filled up again. Oftentimes trenches will also need to be dug into roads or driveways, a similar practice is followed however when the hole is closed up it will be sealed using tar or concrete, depending on what the situation calls for.

Our COVID- 19 Policy

Health and safety are top priorities with MTD Civils and Network Planning. We take safety, health and environmental management very seriously and comply fully with the relevant construction regulations at each project site. This includes complying with all COVID-19 compliance requirements such as wearing masks on-site at all times, carrying hand sanitiser in our vehicles and sanitizing frequently. We also ensure we maintain social distancing measures always while still providing the best service possible for our clients.


Stakeholder engagement

We focus on keeping all community stakeholders informed throughout the project. We know that downtime during a build is a no go and as such we keep our lines of communication open on social media or traditional means of communication, we are always available to discuss our projects with the community. From local ward councillors, CPF’s, Business forums and RA’s we reach out to all contact points keeping them informed throughout the build process.