As full turn-key FTTx Specialists we offer every skill
set needed to bring your network to reality.

MTD Works

  • Wayleaves Acquisition
  • Network planning in accordance with client specifications
  • Project Management – Inside and Outside Plant (PMO)
  • Business Forum and CPF Collaboration
  • As-Build Documentation

Civil Works

  • Laying of Ducts
  • Route trenching (Soil, tar, paving etc.)
  • Reinstatement (Grass, paving, tar, concrete)
  • Hand hole installations
  • Break-Outs
  • Bedding, padding and backfilling of trenches
  • DCP Tests

Fibre Works

  • Floating of fibre/hauling
  • Splicing fibres
  • Testing fibres
  • DIT (Duct integrity testing)
  • Access Site Builds


  • Design Network
  • Network distribution
  • MDU fibre access builds
  • Home installations


  • Design Network
  • Fibre distribution
  • Office Park Reticulation
  • Access Build


  • Environmental maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Break-fix maintenance
  • Fault investigation

Stake Holder Engagement

We work in conjunction with all levels of stake holders with emphasis on the higher risk holders involved in every project. Our aim at all times is for the work flow of a project to remain unimpeded, from high risk residents to the local mayor and business forums we work with all to move forward as efficiently as possible ensuring all our deadlines are met.

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s – Complexes and Estates)

Whether trenched fibre or serial fibre is the better option for your establishment we are able to make fibre a reality.

Fibre optic networks are a highly sought after feature in complexes and Estate all over South Africa. MTD Civils and Network Planning will endeavour to make contact with any identified MDU within the roll out area. Once contact has been established we will aim to obtain any site information available including the number of units, managing agents and contact person for the MDU.

All MDU’s are required to provide MTD with permission to survey the site and once the survey is complete, approve the plan for the MDU fiber optic network. Sign-off once the project is complete is also required.

Types of installation
As a team with over 65 years combined experience we are fully capable of performing all necessary installation types including:

Distribution only
As per the signed off survey documentation, we will reticulate the distribution fibre/s from the NDP (Network Demarcation Point) to the CTP’s (Customer Termination Point). All client specifications are met and testing is complete as per the handover process documents (HOC).

Distribution and Installation
As with the above, we will reticulate the distribution fibre/s from the NDP to the CTP’s. When required we will also reticulate into a final termination point in each unit as per the signed off site survey documents. Once the project is complete all points will be tested as part of the HOC.

Last Mile Installations

MTD Civils and Network Planning have currently completed in excess of 200 last mile installations in South Africa. We can complete 30% of an area within the first month of roll out. Our team encompasses over 1500 sub-contractors and partners which we are always growing.

Occupation Health and Safety

Health and safety is a top priority with MTD Civils and Network Planning. We take safety, health and environmental management very seriously and comply fully with the relevant construction regulations at each project site. We also do our best to limit environmental impacts on our sites and have employed an external safety company as our SHE officers to keep us up to date and manage our master file as well as all our partners.

We do our best to work with SABS compliant materials with relevant ISO numbers etc. All materials are handled according to the relevant safety practices and are logged on data sheets as required.

Preventative Maintenance

With MTD Civils and Network Planning we practice preventative maintenance instead of relying on reaction maintenance. This is best achieved by encouraging community awareness, communication, understanding and vigilance and knowledgeable teams conducting regular audits and reports.

Maintenance of a fibre optic network is much like the maintenance of anything else. Prevention is always better than cure. Keeping in touch with the community is one of the easiest ways to monitor our networks and this means having an open line of communication permanently.

Even though we encourage constant communication with the community we also conduct regular audits in conjunction with our standard scheduled maintenance. This way we are able to ascertain a maintenance concern, before the schedule maintenance team is meant to be at the site and all maintenance whether scheduled or not can be attended to in record time.

MTD Maintenance services include:

Civils and Environment Teams

Our technicians are skilled at fault finding in the fibre environmental and are able to asses and report on pole conditions, cable tensions, brush and foliage clearing as well as carry out cable repairs or organize replacements in the trenched network.

General Maintenance

MTD Civils and Network Planning focuses on preventative maintenance from head-end to complex NDP, dome joint or customer’s wall box, keeping brand accountability and customer service in mind every step of the away.

Core Network

Regular Maintenance needs to happen at every point of the fiber optic network, from Head-End to the complex NDP, dome joint or customer wall box. MTD Civils and Network Planning teams are successfully able to detect fault and resolve issue effectively. Any required changes to planning are documented and the original planning of the network is updated accordingly.

Workmanship Guarantee

MTD Civils and Network Planning guarantee workmanship on a project for 1 year from the date of completion. As an example, should a driveway sag 9 months after the handover date of the project, we would endeavour to repair the driveway to its original state or better.